Welcome to Commercial Studios Ltd!

We are celebrating over 24 years of service to the entertainment and advertising industry. Formerly known as 'Studioasis' and 'Pharmacy Studios', this large facility is one of the most competitively priced in North America.

  • Very competitive rates (located in Toronto, Canada)
  • 72,000 square feet (full air-conditioned)
  • Two studio complex specializing in film, video, and TV
  • Two large sound stage studios
  • Numerous amenities including star suites, hair and makeup rooms, production offices, kitchens & catering, high speed wireless internet, photocopying, etc.
  • 45 foot high atrium in the lobby (with a huge glass ceiling)
  • Produced several major feature films, such as:
    Stanley and Iris - Jane Fonda & Robert De Niro
    The Freshman - Marlon Brando & Mathew Broderick
    Trial by Jury - William Hurt & Armand Assante
    Tribute - Jack Lemmon & Bobby Benson


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Commercial Studios Ltd • 793 Pharmacy Ave • Toronto, ON M1L 3K2
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